How to burn the WinTech .iso to a blank CD
Posted by James Gillies on 26 October 2010 03:54 PM


This document is designed to assist an operator in burning the "WinTech / SafeTech CD" supplied by DPMS2. It is not intended to support any other process. This document requires access to a Safetech/Wintech bootable CD. Click this link to download a zipped .iso image of the Safetech/WinTech disc and extract the .iso from inside the zip file.


Steps required for DPMS2 McAfee Endpoint Encryption – “How to Burn a WinTech / SafeTech CD”

1..... Download the “ImgBurn” software

2..... Install the "ImgBurn" software

3..... Burn the WinTech CD

1.     Download the “ImgBurn” software

Open your web browser and navigate to the ImgBurn website, then click on "Download" to get to the downloads section:

ImgBurn Website

In the downloads section, select "Mirror 7 - Provided by ImgBurn" to get the download directly from the ImgBurn website:

Save the file to your hard disc as normal:

Save Imgburn

2.     Install the “ImgBurn” software

Double-click on the ImgBurn installer file you have just downloaded to start the installer program as shown and click "Next":

The ImgBurn installer

Agree to the License Agreement and click "Next":

License Agreement

Leave the default components selected and click "Next":

Choose Components

Leave the default destination folder and click "Next":

Install Location

Leave the default Start Menu Folder and click "Next:"

Start Menu Folder

We would not advise you to install the Ask Toolbar if you decide that you wouldn't want/need to use it. The Ask Toolbar is not required to be installed in order to make use of ImgBurn to burn the WinTech CD. If you decide not to install the Ask Toolbar you can de-select the License Agreement tick box as shown below to prevent the toolbar from being installed, click "Next":

Ask Toolbar Installation

ImgBurn is being installed, this should take about 30-120 seconds to complete:

Installation of ImgBurn

ImgBurn is now installed. If you wish to use ImgBurn immediately you can leave the "Run ImgBurn" tick box selected. Click "Finish":

Installation Complete

3.     Burn the WinTech / SafeTech CD

If it is not already open navigate to ImgBurn on the Start Menu and start the program. Choose "Write image file to disc":

Write image file to disc

Choose the "Browse for a file" yellow icon with the magnifying glass on it:

Select a file using the yellow folder icon

Browse to your .iso file and click "Open" - you should have first "extracted" the .iso from the original .zip file supplied by our website:

Browse to the .iso file

Insert your blank CD-R. This should be a standard 750Mb blank write-once "CD-R" to ensure compatibility with almost all drives on the market. It is of course possible to use a different type of blank disc such as a CD+R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW and DVD-RW however there is no guarantee that it will work with your drive as they all have subtle differences.

Insert your blank CD-R

The blank CD-R is now being analyzed to make sure that it is suitable for the burn operation:

Analysing blank CD-R

The WinTech CD is now ready to be burned, the "Verify" option should be selected to allow ImgBurn to verify the contents of the CD-R afterwards to make sure that it has completed successfully. When ready, press the large icon at the bottom left to begin the burning process:

Verify the burning process, check for ready, Burn!

The WinTech CD image is now being burned to the blank CD-R:

The burning process...

ImgBurn has finished the burning process and is now verifying the results:

Verifying that the CD-R burnt correctly

Your WinTech CD has been burnt successfully, it is now ready to use in the event of an installation issue.

You have successfully burnt the WinTech/SafeTech CD!


            ---   Procedure Ends   ----


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Comments (2)
31 March 2011 03:04 PM
Browse to your .iso file and click "Open" - you should have first "extracted" the .iso from the original .zip file supplied by our website:

I Cant read the file on my computer does anyone no why and have they had problems at this point
James Gillies
06 April 2011 02:05 PM
The file you "Open" is actually the .zip file. Once downloaded, right-click on it and choose "Extract all.." - this will then unzip the contents to a folder - inside of which will be a single file - the .iso file.

Think of it as a sleeping bag that has been compressed inside it's carrying bag and drawstring, this does the same thing to save you on download times.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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